Joint Newsletter of CAME and DFG Priority Programme TiP No 1

Joint Newsletter of CAME and DFG Priority Programme TiP No 2

Joint Newsletter of CAME and DFG Priority Programme TiP No 3


TIPTIMON Midterm Science Meeting & Workshops 31.3.-4.4.14

TIPTIMON, the Tien-Shan Pamir Monitoring program, holds its Midterm Science Meeting this week at the Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam, GFZ – German Research Centre for Geosciences. About 60 scientists from Germany and Central Asia will share and discuss their recent results on tectonics, climate and geohazards in the Pamir and Tien-Shan mountain region and plan future collaborations. A 3-days workshop will give the chance to the PHDs involved in TIPTIMON and to more than twenty guests from Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan to get an overview of the state-of-the art in remote sensing applied for geomorphological analysis and hazard assessment as well as in thermochronology for dating tectonic and erosional processes.



Marine sediments as climate archives of the East Asian summer monsoon: Scientists of the project CARIMA on successful drilling campaign in the South Chinese Sea with the research vessel SONNE



Results from the project WET were published in Nature Climate Change: Mölg, T., Maussion, F. & Scherer, D. (2013): Mid-latitude westerlies as a driver of glacier variability in monsoonal High Asia. Nature Climate Change. doi:10.1038/nclimate2055.


Conferences, meetings and workshops with participation of CAME scientists

11.-14.07.2011         MultiTemp 2011 - Symposium “Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data”, Trient/Italien

29.08.-03.09.2011   TPE Workshop, Reykjavik/Island         

21.11.2011               CAME Kickoff Meeting, Berlin/Germany

05.-09.12.2011         AGU, San Francisco/USA

16.-20.01.2012         gemeinsamer DFG-TiP und BMBF-CAME Doktoranden-Workshop, Oberjoch/Germany

05.-08.03.2012         Meeting of the „Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft, Hamburg/Germany

22.-27.04.2012         EGU, Wien/Austria

Session: ‚Modern and Palaeomonsoon‘; Chair: S. Prasad, N. Basavaiah, K. Raghavan, U. Cubasch, T. Nakagawa, H. Schulz, M. Strecker , A. Brauer

02.-06.07.2012         EUROSOIL, Bari/Italy

19.-24.08.2012         Meeting of the European Seismological Commission, Moskau/Russia

21.-24.08.2012         12th International Paleolimnology Symposium (IPS2012), Glasgow/UK

Session: ‘Tibetan Plateau: disentangling the Asian monsoon system’, Chair: Peter Frenzel, Steffen Mischke, Antje Schwalb, Liping Zhu

26.-30.08.2012         International Geographical Congress IGC, Köln/Germany

Session C08.29-07: ‘Vegetation response to climate change in tropical mountain ecosystems and consequences for biodiversity and land-use options’; Chair: Achim Bräuning

Session C08.29-01: ‘Environmental history and climate change in the high mountain ecosystems of Monsoon Asia during the Late Holocene’; Chair: Jussi Grießinger

Talk: ‘The Permafrost Transect - Effects of Climate Change and Land Use on Permafrost and Carbon Dynamics in Soils along a Climate Gradient across the Tibetan Plateau’ by Thomas Scholten (Session C08.03-01)

Talk: ‘Aeolian Sediments and human impact on the landscape in central and southern Mongolia’ by Frank Lehmkuhl (Session C08.02-4-4)

23.-28.09.2012         GV und Sediment Tagung, Hamburg/Germany

01.-05.09.2012         8th Mountain Cartography Workshop, Tongariro National Park/NZL

20.-21.09.2012         CAME Annual Meeting, Frankfurt/Germany

24.-29.09.2012         20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium, Venedig/Italy

04.-05.10.2012         AK Fernerkundung, Bochum/Germany

Gemeinsames Arbeitskreis-Treffen des AK „Fernerkundung“ der DGfG und des AK „Interpretation von Fernerkundungsdaten“ der DGPF

Talk: ‚Bestimmung von Gletscherdickenänderungen am Mustag Ata und Kongur Shan (Pamir) auf der Basis von Hexagon KH-9 und ALOS-PRISM Satellitendaten‘

13.-16.11.2012         Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference, Frascati/Italy

Talk: Analysis of glacier mass Balance and Rheology of Kekesayi Glacier using Hexagon KH-9, ALOS-PRISM and SAR Data

28 -30.11.2012         Himalaya Karakoram Tibet Workshop, Kathmandu/Nepal

Session: ‘Monsoon variations since the late Pleistocene from climate proxy archives’; Chair: Rupert Bäumler + Achim Bräuning

03.-07.12.2012         AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco/USA

Session: ‘The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes’; Chair: Tandong Yao, Lonnie Thompson, Volker Mosbrugger, Yongwei Sheng

Session: ‘Controls on Seismicity and Fault Rupture in Low-Strain Intraplate Regions’; Conveners: Angela Landgraf, Esther Hintersberger, Simon Kübler, Seth Stein


Session: ‘Process Oriented Multi-approach Erosion Analysis in High Mountains: Decade to Millennia Timescales’; Conveners: Richard Gloaguen, Oliver Korup, Jerome Lave and Christoff Andermann


14.-18.01.2013         gemeinsamer DFG-TiP und BMBF-CAME Doktoranden-Workshop, Oberjoch/Germany

15.-18.01.2013         Workshop ‘Environmental Challenges in Asia’, GFZ Potsdam, Potsdam/Germany

11.-19.08.2013         TiP-TPE Summer School, Grindelwald/Switzerland

22.-24.08.2013         Himalaya Karakoram Tibet Workshop & International Symposium on Tibetan Plateau 2013, Tübingen/Germany

09.-13.12.2013         AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco/USA

Session: ‘The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes’; Chair: Tandong Yao, Lonnie Thompson, Volker Mosbrugger, Fan Zhang

13.-17.01.2014         gemeinsamer DFG-TiP und BMBF-CAME Doktoranden-Workshop, Oberjoch/Germany

06.-07.03.2014         CAME Annual Meeting, Frankfurt/Germany

17.-23.3.2014           WET final meeting, Ramsau/Austria

31.3.-4.4.2014          TIPTIMON Midterm Science Meeting & Workshops, Potsdam/Germany